SS Cheese / Paneer Press


SS Cheese / Paneer Press

Cheesemaking is an amazing alchemy that transforms milk into a profusion of different textures and flavors.The entry way for me was ricotta, an easy and for giving cheese to make with no fancy equipment or supplies needed. Mozzarella came next, also very do able with supermarket ingredients and kitchen utensils, I was so pleased with the results of these first forays into cheesemaking that I decided to go all in and try maing hard

(as in consistency) cheeses like cheddar.

-Size 10*10*6  10*12*6 12*12*6

- SS 304 Food Grade

- Manual

- Full Stainless Steel Pneer Square box made in 1.6mm thick sheet with 5 mm SS plate, 25mm threaded shaft and other parts in SS

- Other Sizes Available in demand

- Dimensional Accuracy

- Excellent Performance

- Long working life

- Easy Operation

- Low maintainance

- Flawless Service

- High Quality 

- ISO S.S 202/304