Pressure Homogeniser


Pressure Homogeniser

Pressure Homogeniser Exporters in India:-

We specialize in the production of Homogenisers that is carried out under high pressure and velocity. guided into micron clearance to impinge over the impactring. These Homogenisers comply with the industrial quality standards and are offered to our clients in standard and customized forms. Our range of Homogenisers includes Homogenisers for Fruit Juice.

Homogeniser for Ice cream. Homogeniser for dye Chemicals. Standard Homegenisers, Homogenisers for Lab Model, Fruit juice Homogenisers, Ice Creams Homogenisers, Low Capacity Homogeniser, High Pressure Homogenisers,

The technical aspect of our Homogenisers is mentioned below:


- MOC of Crank case: HighQualityCastIron

- Effective cooling facilitated through Splash lubrication

- MOC of contact parts and homogenising chamber: AISI-316

- MOC OF Homogeniser Valve Assembly: Satellite

- Single and double stage homogenising head(manual/hydraulic)

- Imported diaphragm type pressure gauge

- Designed for CIP cleaning

- MOC of Enclosures : Imported Plastic coated AISI-304 Sheet